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Storage & Workspace on Wheels

Get the mobility and functionality you need with our shelving and workbench on wheels. 

Shelving on Wheels

Get organised with our Shelving Units on Wheels. They're specially designed with convenience in mind, so you can easily move them wherever you need them the most. Our top-quality wheels are capable of carrying a minimum of one tonne, ensuring that you can store all of your heavy items with ease.

nice 4 shelves on wheels.jpg

Workbenches on Wheels

Stay organised and maximize your workspace with our Workbench on Wheels. Designed to meet your needs, this workbench is perfect for any garage, workshop or home office. With a durable construction, easy-to-maneuver casters and ample storage space. Call now and experience the convenience of our Workbench on Wheels!


Pallet Racking on Wheels

Looking for convenience and strength? Our heavy duty transfer pallet racking on casters is designed for you. With a load capacity of up to 500kg per shelf, this is the perfect solution for unloading heavy products and easily transferring them to the location of your choice. Order yours online or visit our store today.

heavy duty shelves on wheels.jpg
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