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Spare Part Bins & Panels

Our Spare Part Bins & Panels are designed with a louvre design to optimize storage efficiency. Available in wall mountable, on stands or on wheels, our storage solutions are perfect for any space. Have peace of mind knowing your spare parts are easily accessible and well organized.

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Storage Bins on Wheels or Stand.

  • Comes with a set of storage bins for organizing small items.

  • Various sizes of bins available to accommodate different storage needs.

  • Made from durable and impact-resistant materials.

  • Stackable design to maximize vertical storage space.

  • Easy to remove and replace bins as needed.

  • Ideal for storing small parts, tools, craft supplies, hardware, and more.

  • Different sizes available.

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Wall Mounted Louvre Panel:

  • Designed to be mounted on walls for efficient storage organisation.

  • Provides a vertical storage solution, utilizing unused wall space.

  • Sturdy construction to support the weight of storage bins.

  • Durable material for long-lasting use.

  • Louvre design with slots for easy attachment and adjustment of storage bins.

  • Helps keep items visible and accessible.

  • Ideal for use in garages, workshops, warehouses, and other storage areas.

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